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SambilSewa partners with universities, colleges & home owners to bring you the best places to live within your university area! Our goal is to help everyone find a place they can call home.
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Whether you're a student or home owner, there's something for everyone

Accommodation Marketplace

Browse through available on-and-off campus accommodations in our marketplace specifically designed for you


SambilSewa Dashboard

Manage everything about your stay with the home owner

For students

Band together with friends or go solo

University life can be enjoyed in many ways, but most of the time, we all want to live with companions — and this means, housemates!

SambilSewa makes it easy to find for people seeking housemates with our feature: Find a Roommate (coming soon!)

For home owners

Stand out in the market by earning badges

Not all homes are created equal — we reward home owners that cherishes their homes and provide the best service to our tenants.

Discover our badge system and how you can leverage it to stand out from the market!


Verified by the partnering university while meeting certain livability & safety standards

Pet friendly

Homes that allow for furry friends!

Eco friendly

Homes that are equipped with energy efficient appliances or recycling program


Homes that are accessible to people with disabilities


Homes that are located in a convenient location, such as being close to public transportation


Homes that offer high-end amenities and can demand a premium in the market!

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SambilSewa aims to bring this to every university and college out there. If you're a student, tell us where we should go next!

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